We are a team of professional psychologists, passionate about our work. And the most important thing is that we are mothers ourselves :)

We specialise in recruiting babysitters only, and all our efforts and concerns are focused on interacting with babysitters and their employees—families, while the rest of agencies help finding household staff of all kinds without taking into account the peculiarities of every specificjob.

We imagine ourselves as pearl divers in solving the challenge of finding a babysitter for your child. An inexperienced diver can spend ages searching for a precious pearl. You are lucky if you meet a guide, who knows where and how to find what you are searching for. We will be the guides for you, becausewe know how to find hidden pearls among hundreds of empty shells.
We perform comprehensive and thorough background check for all candidates, including psychological tests and drafting apsychological profile. As a result, every individual family gets its ideal babysitter.

Alas, a rare babysitter possesses all necessary skills. Babysitting requires constant skill development and improvement, because a babysitter is entrusted with the most responsible task—care about our children. We are the only agency that takes responsibility for training and providing really qualified good babysitters.
Every babysitter recruited through our agency will complete the basic qualification training at The Academy for Babysitters and takea mandatory certification examination.

We believe that competent interaction with a child in psychological terms is the most essential aspect in babysitter's work in addition to high-quality care for a child and ability to organise his or her leisure. It's important that a babysitter could create a harmonious environment for a child that would encourage child's development.
A good babysitter should know how to inspire and encourage child's curiosity, how to professionally join in a game, how to become a friendfor a child. Good praising skills are also important for a babysitter so that she would be able to motivate new discoveries and achievements.

We have developed a supporting program for babysitters and employees, because tension and misunderstanding can occur sometimes even in most smoothly running relations, which tend to become conflicts in time. We have learnt how toprevent conflict situations and we monitor satisfaction of both parties and help professionally resolve arising problems.
It is important for us that relations between a babysitter and a family where she works are pleasant and efficient to the maximum extent.

We have an extensive experience of working with politicians, diplomats and celebrities, which proves that we are the best experts in the babysitter marketandthat we demonstrate excellent results in providing services to the most demanding clients.

We exist to save your time and money and give you freedom and peace of mind. You should entrust this challenging task toprofessionals.

We are the only agency approved by the Moscow government and we aspire to comply with the highest quality standards.

Sincerely yours,
Mother's Helpers Agency
Experts in the babysitter market.